Top 20 home inspection photos from 2016

- This would explain it. Clogged dryer terminal, one-year-old home – Roofs are a terrible place for clothes dryer terminals, but it’s downright dangerous when there’s a screen cover installed at the terminal. Screens should never be installed at dryer terminals. If you notice that your clothes dryer gets your clothes really hot but doesn’t dry them well, check out the terminal at the exterior. ..More

  • 4 Point Inspectors Lauderhill, FL
  • Property Inspection St. Cloud, MN
Q&A: Are Minnesota home inspectors allowed to open electrical panels?

- There’s a lot more to it than just that, but that’s the important part that has been brought into question. For the purposes of this discussion, home inspectors are typically unlicensed individuals. The obvious next question is “what constitutes electrical work?” For that, let’s turn to the definitions section for electrical work. ..More

  • Air Quality Inspectors Kenner, LA
  • Commercial Septic Inspection Meridian, ID
Concealed damage, part 2: stinky bees

- So that’s what came next. After pulling the outlet and finding nothing out of the ordinary, he began tearing into the drywall. He got very close to the source of the odor, but the worst area seemed to be right around the corner from the concrete block wall, which is the section of wall that sticks out a bit in the lower left quarter of the photo. The only way to get there was to remove the siding at the exterior. ..More

  • Sewer Inspection Cost Passaic, NJ
  • Termite Inspectors Redondo Beach, CA
Q&A: Are anti-tip brackets required on ranges?

- Whoever drove that screw into the drywall knew they didn’t hit anything, and their GaS level was clearly at about zero. I’d prefer to see no attempt even made, and I certainly see that a lot. The picture below shows a new range with the anti-tip bracket still sitting in its original packaging. ..More

  • Crawl Space Inspection Pleasanton, CA
  • 101 Point Home Inspection Carmel, IN
CSST bonding requirements (another update)

- . There is an unacceptable risk of fire from a nearby lightning strike with older systems. The manufacturers of CSST have changed their installation requirements because they’ve learned that the old methods weren’t good enough. I’ll still recommend having the system bonded to today’s standards. If CSST was installed to code in 2005 and the manufacturer didn’t have any special requirements for bonding at the time it was installed, the installation still meets code today. That won’t stop me from recommending this important safety upgrade, however ..More

  • Hvac Inspection Waterloo, IA
  • Roof Inspectors Skokie, IL

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