Video: water heater replacement, start to finish

- This isn’t supposed to be a start-to-finish “how-to” video, but rather an overview of what’s involved. Nevertheless, you’ll get the point. . I used a GoPro camera because I thought it would be helpful to have a wide-angle view of the process, but that was clearly a mistake because the audio didn’t turn out too great ..More

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Water heater replacement: pros and cons of powervent water heaters

- Manufacturers allow for fairly long runs on the vent, making it possible to put the unit just about anywhere that’s convenient. Because they don’t use a vent that runs up through the middle of the house, powervent water heaters give a lot more flexibility when it comes to locating the unit. ..More

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Average home inspection prices in Minnesota (2016)

- These are certainly valid concerns, but there are way too many qualifiers there for us to gather any useful data. Another home inspector said this survey wasn’t completely fair, because it doesn’t take into account the experience of the inspector, the level of detail included in the inspection report, whether or not specialized tools like infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, and moisture meters were used during the inspection, and several other metrics that make it difficult to compare apples to apples. ..More

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Q&A: Are anti-tip brackets required on ranges?

- Side note: anti-tip brackets may also help to protect young adults who boldly use their range as a piece of playground equipment 😉. ..More

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Storm damage, homeowners insurance, and finding a good repair contractor

- If the big one hits your area, take some time before making any decisions and try to resist the multiple door-knocks. We all know there will be storms every summer. Or you can do what a neighbor of mine did…he put a sign by his door that said, “Please leave your fliers here!” Underneath was an arrow pointing to his garbage can. ..More

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