Dryer Duct Safety

- I have several reasons to dislike the semi-rigid aluminum ducts that everyone else seems to love, however. The listed ones are about twice the price, and the two are nearly indistinguishable. . To start with, there are two different flavors of these ducts; one is listed and the other isn’t. If not for the label, who could tell the difference between these two? ..More

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Q&A: Are anti-tip brackets required on ranges?

- As I mentioned earlier, anti-tip brackets are required by manufacturers, but does this mean that they’re required by the building code? Indirectly, yes. If we turn to chapter 3 of the Minnesota Mechanical Code, we can find the following text under section 304. . 1: ..More

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Caulk the toilet base? Yes.

- The thought process behind not caulking a toilet to the floor is that if the toilet leaks at the floor, you’ll quickly find out about the leak as long as the toilet isn’t caulked. If it is caulked, the thinking is that if the toilet flange leaks, you’ll end up trapping water between the toilet base and the floor in an area that you can’t access. ..More

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Magic wand? I’d change the home inspection contingency form.

- Readily Accessible Available for visual inspection without requiring moving of personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or actions that will likely involve risk to persons or property. ..More

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Storm damage, homeowners insurance, and finding a good repair contractor

- Minnesota has been a state that required full house replacement for siding or roofing if some product is damaged and the product is no longer made by the manufacturer.   When you receive that booklet, call your agent and ask if anything is changing that you should know about (or take the time to read the whole boring thing).   Otherwise, you may be in a situation where you have to find the “closest match available” for only the siding or roofing that is damaged.   This could mean a checker-board look to your house as your insurance company only covers individual shingles or siding panels.   However, some companies will hide a change in the 20+ page document they send each year which states that is no longer valid unless you add a low-cost rider to your coverage. .   Most people would pay the small extra charge to cover this, but they don’t even know that it has changed ..More

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