Tool list for home inspectors

- See Glass Suction Cup. . • Glass suction cup – for crank-out windows that won’t close properly.  Added 5/15/18 ..More

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“I heard you’re a little psycho.”

- I received quite the odd comment from a real estate agent the other day. ”. I heard you’re a little psycho though. . After teaching a free CE class at a real estate office, one of the agents said to me as we were walking out together “That was a fantastic class. ” I gave her my warmest, hurt smile and said “Psycho? No ..More

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Magic wand? I’d change the home inspection contingency form.

- When someone buys a home in Minnesota, they typically include an addendum to their purchase agreement, called the Inspection Contingency. The form is very basic but does have a spot for the seller to check a box to say whether or not they’ll agree to allow the buyer to perform intrusive testing or inspections. It gives the buyer the option to cancel the purchase of a home without any penalties if they’re not happy with the inspection results. . This is typically a one-page form that says the buyer wants a home inspection. I’m simplifying things a bit here, but that’s the gist of it ..More

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Water heater replacement: pros and cons of natural draft water heaters

- Side note: do you see the melted plastic at my water heater’s draft hood in the photo above? This happened because the flue cap at the top of my vent fell apart, causing my water heater to backdraft on a couple of extremely windy days. . I posted about this on the Structure Tech Facebook page last year: Reuben’s damaged vent cap ..More

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Backup sump pumps

- The most common type of backup sump pump system is a battery powered system. This system will save your basement from flooding if your sump pump fails or your power goes out. . This consists of a big heavy battery that’s about the size and shape of a car battery, as well as a backup sump pump that sits in the sump basket a little bit higher than the primary pump ..More

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