4 Ways Technology Makes Home Inspecting Better

- . Fewer errors mean happier clients and a much happier inspector. Software products such as the Report Form Pro app put everything in one place so you are much less likely to skip over an important detail or misremember a fact ..More

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Four simple things for sellers to do before the home inspection

- Brackets and cords deteriorate over time. When they fail under normal operation during the home inspection, can you guess who gets blamed for ‘breaking’ them? Not only that, but I think that houses with unobstructed windows are simply more inviting. Opening blinds, shades, curtains, and other window treatments takes time but is an important step to inspect windows. ..More

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Video post: 60 home inspection issues in under 3 minutes

- We did a similar video compilation back in 2014, which can be seen here: 47 Home Inspection Issues in Under 3 Minutes. ..More

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Infrared cameras, home inspections

- This isn’t a definitive test for moisture, but when a ceiling is all the same temperature, it’s highly unlikely that the ceiling is wet. In the image below, the stained portion of the ceiling was dry at the time of the inspection. Infrared cameras can be used to quickly determine whether ceiling stains are active or not. ..More

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Dishwasher air gaps

- Here’s a quick video clip showing what that looks like. The problem with this is that the undersized hose won’t handle all of the water flow when it’s no longer under pressure, which will cause the water to discharge out of the air gap, which should not happen under normal conditions. ..More

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