Dear Home Seller, please let me into your attic

- . Not only do home buyers expect the attic to be inspected, but the home inspection contingency form that the home buyers probably used will have language that says “Seller will provide access to attic(s) and crawlspace(s). You can read more about this new form here. ” This is new language that was added to the contingency form on August 1st, 2016 ..More

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Cougar Paws: these boots are made for walkin’ (roofs)

- . I wouldn’t normally climb a roof with that pitch, but I had a lower sloped roof below me, along with a big masonry chimney right behind that for insurance. My personal policy is to only walk roofs when I’m sure it’s safe to do so. The limiting factors for roof pitch safety will probably come down to ankle flexibility, personal comfort, and the condition of the roof. Just for the heck of it, I tried these shoes on a 12:12 roof the other day, and I scampered right up without any problem. For slopes greater than 6:12, Cougar Paws are worth the time it takes to switch shoes ..More

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Minnesota permit requirements for radon mitigation systems

- . We’re all talking about the same thing. Some call them Radon Reduction Systems, others call them Radon Control Systems. Side note: I’ve always called them radon mitigation systems ..More

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Dryer Duct Safety

- . The requirements for dryer transition ducts are pretty short and sweet. Nothing else. A transition duct is a short length of flexible material that is allowed to connect the clothes dryer to the duct ..More

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Average home inspection prices in Minnesota (2016)

- My company is the one who charges $464. I’m clearly not sharing the results of this survey to gather the business of home buyers who are looking for the cheapest inspector in town. My company competes on value and service, not price. This means we charge about $80 more than other ASHI home inspectors here in Minnesota. . If this survey were unfair to anyone, I should think it would be my company ..More

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