State of the Union, 2017

- . If a roof is not safe to walk, we’ll still inspect it the way that we always have; from multiple ladder settings at the eaves. Drone inspections will simply be a service that we offer to help make sure that we’re staying at the top of our game. For our customers, this means that if we encounter a roof that is too tall to inspect by ladder, we will arrange to have the roof inspected by drone within 1 – 2 business days. At that point, we may start charging enough to cover our costs, but it will never become a money-maker for us. Because this is new territory for us, we’re going to simply be eating the cost of these inspections until we have the process completely figured out ..More

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FLIR E6: the best infrared camera for home inspectors

- I couldn’t ask for much more. . I’ve dropped mine a number of times with no ill effects. After about two years my battery quit holding a charge, so I called FLIR and they sent me a new one for no charge. This camera is designed to survive falls from over six feet (they say 2m) and keep working. This is definitely one tough camera. I’ve had the same E6 camera for just over three years now and it still works ..More

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Concealed damage, part 2: stinky bees

- We do a lot of single item / troubleshooting inspections for homeowners, but getting to the bottom of odors is one type of inspection that we’re never excited to take on. Concealed damage was the focus of last week’s blog post, and that’s what I’ll be talking about this week, as well as stinky bees.  We’re up front about this when scheduling these types of inspections, but many people are already at their wit’s end, so they’re happy to have us try. Every once in a while, we get calls from frustrated homeowners who are hoping to have us come out to solve a mysterious odor in their home. It can turn into a guessing game, and we probably only have about a 50% batting average when it comes to definitively nailing down the source of an odor. To be specific, this week’s topic is about tracking down a nasty odor. ..More

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Top 20 home inspection photos from 2016

- This would explain it. Clogged dryer terminal, one-year-old home – Roofs are a terrible place for clothes dryer terminals, but it’s downright dangerous when there’s a screen cover installed at the terminal. If you notice that your clothes dryer gets your clothes really hot but doesn’t dry them well, check out the terminal at the exterior. Screens should never be installed at dryer terminals. ..More

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Dryer Duct Safety

- I blogged about this product back in 2012. You’ll find it hidden in that department with a GE label on the box, but this is the DryerFlex product. It can also be purchased directly from Home Depot here. It retails for about $25, and it’s well worth the price. ..More

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