Home inspection horror story: screw through water line

- Also, never make a new screw hole. Whenever we make some kind of mistake like this, we try to learn from it and not make the same mistake again. . You don’t know what might be inside the wall. We put a fan on the closet opening to help dry out the remaining wet stuff. I guess the take away is that if there is a screw that isn’t fully embedded, don’t fully embed it. We also hired a plumber to go out and bless my repairs, as well as a painter to take care of the ceiling ..More

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Does your air conditioner use R-22 refrigerant? Here’s why you should care.

- . In short, R-22 is becoming scarce because the US has agreed to phase out the production, import, and use of this refrigerant because of it’s damaging effect on the ozone layer. This has driven up the price and will continue to do so. By the year 2020, this refrigerant will no longer be imported or produced ..More

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CSST bonding requirements (another update)

- . Not only does the newest version of the code allow CSST to be bonded anywhere, but CSST manufacturers also allow CSST to be bonded anywhere. For example, Gastite says “The bonding clamp attachment point may be at any location within the gas piping system. ”  ..More

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Q&A: Are Minnesota home inspectors allowed to open electrical panels?

- . There’s a lot more to it than just that, but that’s the important part that has been brought into question. For the purposes of this discussion, home inspectors are typically unlicensed individuals. The obvious next question is “what constitutes electrical work?” For that, let’s turn to the definitions section for electrical work ..More

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Q&A: “Why do you charge more money than your competitors?”

- . The answer is completely self-serving, but it’s a question that people frequently ask us, so it deserves a good answer. My new initiative for blogging is to write blog posts to answer just about all of the questions that Lisa and Mindy field. That’s a fair question that I debated even turning into a blog post. Here’s the long answer about why we charge more ..More

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