Water heater replacement: pros and cons of natural draft water heaters

- So how likely is it for a water heater to backdraft and produce high levels of CO? Not very. Nevertheless, backdrafting is unacceptable and unsafe, and should be corrected immediately. According to CPSC statistics, there is an average of five deaths per year associated with carbon monoxide poisoning from water heaters, so this is a ‘thing’. . The draft hood is there so that if the water heater does start backdrafting for one reason or another, it will probably just spill low levels of carbon monoxide into the room ..More

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Dishwasher air gaps

- Air gaps have an ‘in’ and an ‘out’. Because of this, it’s important for the ‘out’ hose to be larger than the ‘in’, as shown in the installation diagram below. . The water coming in on the right side of my drawing above is being forced by the dishwasher pump, but the water going out is simply draining through gravity ..More

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Seek Thermal CompactPRO infrared camera: a home inspector’s review

- If I had an occasional need for a high-resolution infrared camera and I didn’t want to break the bank, this would be my camera of choice. The adjustable focus lens is also time-consuming to use; I prefer a fixed focus lens for quicker operation. . I wouldn’t want to use this camera for home inspections, however, because I would be too afraid of breaking it and the operation would be too clumsy ..More

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Home inspection horror story: screw through water line

- Not too much got wet, but it was still enough to stain the corner of the living room ceiling below. Our client was nearby when this happened and he immediately jumped into action, running downstairs and shutting the water off to the house. ..More

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Are home inspectors required to move ceiling panels?

- It was a long inspection and we wrote a long inspection report, filled with recommendations for maintenance, repairs, and safety upgrades. We recently had a client hire us to inspect a 95-year-old home in Saint Paul. While we encourage all of our clients to attend the home inspection, this client either could not or chose not to attend. ..More

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