Formaldehyde affected TJI® Joists

- . I recently heard a rumor that TJI® Joists with Flak Jacket® protection were being treated with formaldehyde. After a little bit of digging, I’ve found the rumor is true, and it affects homes here in Minnesota. Weyerhaeuser Company issued a press release on July 18th, explaining that their TJI® Joists with Flak Jacket® Protection contained a formaldehyde based resin. This only affects homes constructed after December 1, 2016 ..More

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Cougar Paws: these boots are made for walkin’ (roofs)

- . I don’t know what the bottoms of these boots are really made from, but it seems to be a piece of heavy duty foam held in place with a hook-and-loop system. The Cougar Paws website calls them Peak Line Replacement Pads, and they claim these pads provide performance on shingles, plywood, wood shakes, felt, and slate ..More

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Average home inspection prices in Minnesota (2016)

- . Another home inspector said this survey wasn’t completely fair, because it doesn’t take into account the experience of the inspector, the level of detail included in the inspection report, whether or not specialized tools like infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, and moisture meters were used during the inspection, and several other metrics that make it difficult to compare apples to apples. These are certainly valid concerns, but there are way too many qualifiers there for us to gather any useful data ..More

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Caulk the toilet base? Yes.

- ”. . Besides these two great reasons, it’s also a code requirement. The Minnesota State Plumbing Code says, under section 402. 1. 3: “Where fixtures come in contact with walls and floors, the contact area shall be water tight. 2, “Where a fixture comes in contact with the wall or floor, the joint between the fixture and the wall or floor shall be made watertight. ” For areas of the country where the IRC has been adopted, you’ll find nearly identical language under section P2705 ..More

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4 Ways Technology Makes Home Inspecting Better

- . Advancements happen for a reason, and that’s to make life easier, better and more efficient. Here are 4 ways technology makes the life of any inspector all of those things and more: ..More

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